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12 April 2006 @ 03:48 pm

The fight beginning at the end of 'Not Fade Away' has happened.

The archangel Azamael is introduced further from his brief appearance in the opening fight in a short scene set just before opening credits. Spike has come out of the fight a... human being. Meanwhile, Azamael causes general mayhem at Spike's eulogy for as far as they know, he was killed in the final battle. As Angel thinks to call to Wes and Gunn... he realises that calling to either of them now will do nothing. Rayne locates Angel and it is here that we discover that Giles has a daughter. Another slayer, no less.

We come back to Willow who has broken up with Kennedy in Cleeveland and been called back to the regrouped Watcher's council in London with Giles heading it. Prophetic dreams are beginning to come to her, although she sees them only as a potentially haunted apartment. Buffy and Dawn are still away in Rome. Giles is speaking by the phone, frustrated by his inability to be in Los Angeles where he feels he would be of most use. Even Andrew is there, but Giles is not. Wesley, himself and Tarryn are the three of the few members of the old Watcher's council still alive.

Willow comes back to the fold in a rush to find Giles talking to Kennedy on the phone trying to convince the other girl that Willow is not dead, just very very busy. Xander's playing reconnasance man - delivering messages between LA and London, informing London of Spike's disappearance and the possibility that the Shan Shu prophesy may have kicked in. Trying to get out of America, Spike finds himself battling with some passport problems in his newly human state. Soon after, Azamael catches up with him and tears the plane apart with Spike and many humans still inside. The plane crashes in the Thames

Another dream comes to Willow, waking her up in time to find Tarryn there, having come on Giles' request to search out her 'haunted apartment'. Flick over to Cleveland where Rona is being attacked by a vampire which is only just averted by Faith. Arguements between her and Robin have thrown her slightly off her game and she's been focusing on the fight and finding new slayers to distract her. However, after Cho-Ahn came to Robin's rescue in a fight, they patch things up. Things are tight on there end with not enough slayers in a larger place, and Faith calls Giles for backup help.

Willow sleeps and Tara decides that cryptic messages aren't working. She sends her a dream - this time a very deliberate dream. Giles is in full research mode and gets the call from Angel about Rayne. Willow wakes up and the coven gets together.

Rayne speaks to her father, Giles, for the first time ever. Angel worries further about the angelic creature. Illyria follows it, in hope of seeing more of the old world returning to her as promised. Willow brings the Scythe to the coven leader Miranda and Jacinta talks to her telepathically. This all happens, here.

Angel sets about getting himself and Rayne across to London. Giles prepares himself for his first meeting with his daughter when a phone call comes to him from Spike. The coven prepares to channel Tara through Miranda via the Scythe. Xander gets tired of fighting a never ending battle. Dawn and Buffy prepare to return back to London from Rome after more than one year away. Spike rocks up at the Watcher's Council.

As we begin the second part of this role play, this is where all of the characters are presently:
Spike: Recently Shan Shu-ed and undergoing tests under Willow's supervision. here
Willow: Waiting for the spell to be cast that Tara will be mortal once more.
Giles: Aware that for this spell, the blood of a Watcher and the blood of a Slayer are needed. here
Faith: Losing control of her slayerettes in Cleveland with Robin. here
Buffy: Returning to London to find Spike is human. here
Tarryn: Seeing Flight off at the airport about to go to Cleveland and picking up Buffy. here
Angel: Just arrived at the Watcher's Council with Buffy and Spike. here
Rayne: Gone to talk to Giles with Willow, for the first time. here
Dawn: Finds schoolmate, Kit, just as Azamael strikes. here
Lorne: Arrives ready to help with the spell in the midst of all chaos. here
Xander: Stampeding into the Watcher's Council, recieves visions. here

And the arch angel Azamael hovers above, ever ready to strike the vampires and evil beings of this world - to bring on the apocalyse in all earnest this time...
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